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Revolver (Super Deluxe) on Tidal

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"Revolver" was released in 1966, of course, the year I graduated from high school* and therefore isn't "new."  But in September of 2022, Giles Martin, the son of Beatles producer George Martin, released a new version of "Revolver" which had been remastered in a very new way; there's an article in the April Stereophile about it. The AI-based "demixing" process allowed Martin to separate instruments and voices and remix them the way modern records are done, and it really sounds good:  on "Eleanor Rigby," for instance, you hear the different instruments of the string quartet distinctly spread across the sound stage. The MQA version of it, called "Super Deluxe," is available on Tidal, and I'm listening to it now. Of course there are also LP and CD packages with various goodies included.


*Chemistry was a much easier subject then, because the only elements in the periodic table were Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

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I’ve recently purchased most the Giles 50th anniversary Beatles remasters to replace my originals on vinyl. All are pretty darn good. I didn’t get the newest Revolver though (where the original was totally separated and remixed), but the previous release. Still sounds darn good.

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