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Here's an interesting take on spinning vinyl

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12 minutes ago, Holmz said:

My initial reaction was “that’s bizarre”.

It’s pretty amazing what people can come up when they look at things afresh and anew. 

I really like the idea of a turntable you can hang on the wall, although you wonder where the wires go and how you control tracking force, among many other things.

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7 hours ago, GdnrBob said:

Didn't B and O have a vertical turntable? I think it had linear tracking, too.


Yeah but this one, if I read it correctly, has the stylus under the record.
So you get rid of many inches of tonearm wire, and the stlyus force could be more easy to control with some servo type mechanism. 

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String, it looked awesome, but the sound was so colored that I ended up selling it quickly. I actually was able to make a profit from it too as I bought it from an audio shop that was going out of business and it was their 'wall' model, lol.   I missed the awesome look, but not the sound.

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