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I have owned Vandersteen for over 40 years. I started with my Model 2's. I still own a pair of 1b's I had Treo CT's for awhile and moved up to the Quatro CT's a couple of years ago. Electronics are the PS Audio BHK Signature 300 Mono's and Preamplifier with the DirectStream DAC and Player.  I use Tidal and Qobuz with Roon for streaming Hi Res and MQA. Vinyl is via my VPI Prime Signature with Ortofon Bronze cartridge and Simaudio Moon 610LP Phono Pre. All cables and power mgmt are Audioquest including AQ William Tell cables Bi-amping the Quatro CT's. Great sound. The best I have ever had in the system.


The Home theater portion is using a Vandersteen VCC-2 center channel with a pair of KEF LS50's for L/R connected to a Denon AVR-X8500H Receiver. Also in the system are SVS SB16 subs (2) and all SVS surrounds in a 7.2.6 surround system. I do not have room for the VSM-1's. I am considering a pair of VLR's to replace the LS50's. The screen is a 92" Stewart Filmscreen StudioTek 130 and the projector is an Epson 5040UB 4K.


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Thanks Sunil! Movies are terrific with the Denon setup. The AVR-X8500H is their flagship Receiver. It is incredible surround sound. I am using an Oppo 205 for my player too. I have it connected to the receiver via HDMI and via 7 channel analog too so multi-channel concert discs are amazing.

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Yes, it's a great set up for sure.  I nearly got those small KEF's in powered form for my bedroom TV system.  I recently heard the Oppo 205 where the owner did a power supply upgrade and was BLOWN out of the water by it.  He's an engineer and often will rebuild the power supplies in his digital gear for fun, but man it's amazing how much the power affects digital.  Oppo gear is GREAT value.  That's one company that impresses me a lot.

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