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Fleetwood Mac - Live


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Why not have both? A full year of Qobuz is $150 bucks or so, $250 for discounted downloads.

I have the Studio Premier ($150), as I haven't found the need to actually buy . Though considering how cheap digital storage is, I might just do it when I get good grasp at keeping digital music on a secure/redundant NAS.


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I already own 2T and can get more whenever I want.  All high res.  Lot's of 32/various sample rates.  Also some DSD, so I don't need to download.  I'm using an AK DAP for travel.  Let me check them out and see.  I dont' need both.  Sounds like Qbuz jsut sounds better and that's what I want.


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Everyone one I know has switch and said it sounds much better.  I have a feeling that I'll be switching.  All I need is a single membership without downloads.  I have a feeling I will do the free month trial and see how I like it.  I am sure I'll be keeping it as long as it has enough of the 70=80-90 rock that I also like. As soon as I get my AK DAP back I'll dow the trial. Thanks guys.

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