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So, years past while educating myself as to the wonderfulness of all things "tubey", I ran across this odd old 10-pack of what I understand to be RFT ECC81 tubes. Popped 'em in, thus far, things appear Okey Dokey.  May know more tonight after they've had a chance to warm up, run in for a bit.


RFT 1.jpg

RFT 2.jpg

RFT 3.jpg

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Don't know much about tubes but seeing the picture of the VTL, I wonder if they are a tad inconvenient to plug in based on the room that one has. I have Manley phono and preamp and I thought they were cumbersome to roll tubes but seeing this picture I feel that the Manley's are a little better off with tube placement.

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8 hours ago, ctsooner said:

This is why the only tubes I have are a few small signal tubes that should last for ages. It in the DAC.  Can’t do tube rolling anymore. It was addicting. 

Are those in the Brinkmann Nyquist? If so, then we should have no issues for years to come...😁


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1 hour ago, ctsooner said:

I wish I knew more about tubes.

Me, too.

Many have told me to upgrade the Atma tubes, but I hate to make changes that I don't fully understand.- though tube rolling does sound like another rabbit hole to go into...


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