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DC-93s stereo...

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Vandersteen 2Ce Signature II speakers, Carver TFM-35x amp and CT-23 Pre-amp/tuner, Rega Planet 2000, Technics 1100A turntable with a Denon DL-160 cartridge.  Also, a Technics SA-500 and Polk Monitor 7B speakers.


van 1.JPG

van 2.JPG

van 4.JPG

van 3.JPG

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On 7/17/2023 at 7:33 AM, ctsooner said:

I had the original Polk 10B with dedicate stands and speaker cable. I loved those with Roberson amp and CJ pre amp. 

First pair of loudspeakers I bought was the original Polk Monitor 10s with silk dome tweeters. I used them with a Carver M200t amp, Hafler Pre, and Thorens turntable. I eventually sold everything and moved up to a PS Audio IVH and Acoustat TNT120, SOTA Sapphire and Vandersteen 2Cs. I pretty much ran each piece to the ground because I enjoyed them so much. Exceptions are my SOTA which still works reliably. I gave my 2Cs to a friend when I acquired my 2CE Sig IIIs. They were still in great working order.

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I'm liking the Parasound gear. A high damping factor (>800 at 20 hz.) really controls the 4 woofers better than my Carver.

The Pre-amp is all Class A topology.  No caps in the signal path of the pre-amp or the power amp. 

John Curl designed the HCA-1000A with very similar topology to the Mark Levinson ML-2,

which he did many decades ago.    High biased ClassA/AB operation.    

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19 hours ago, ctsooner said:

Just curious if their gear is zero feedback design. 

For the price of clean used ones, give it a try. ($200-300.)

You will be surprised!!

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