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What amp are you driving your Quatro’s with?

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I will be acquiring a pair of Quatro cloth soon. I’m currently running a 45wpc class A solid state amp, which does meet the minimum spec for the Quatro, but is about half of what Richard said I should be running,

What are you running, at least in terms of power, topology, etc? Nothing like a good excuse to buy a new amp… 😅

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Ayre and Aesthetix amps are often shown with the Steen's. Many of us with Quatro CT's are using Richards M5 amps.  Many dealers are using Belles or SimAudio for Treo's to the 2's.  Some of the NAD or Hotel gear is also very nice with them.  I once there them with expensive CJ stuff and they sounded wonderful.  You can take it in so many directions.

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@Ross B., tubes are very tempting, but remember that their supply is rapidly diminishing. I would look at SS, if you don't want to get into another rabbit hole.

Like @ctsooner, said Ayre, Aesthetix, Belles are good matches. And, you should be able to find some used pieces easily. 

I suggest HifiShark to locate, as well as determine what used prices are for equipment you are looking for.


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