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New Preamplification

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I've been wanting to upgrade my preamp for the longest time. It's been the weakest link in my living room system. My Classe CP 47.5 Mk II lost its phono section which was its best input. I've always wanted a matching SimAudio Moon preamp to mate with my Simaudio Moon W5 amp. Careful what I ask for!

My new Moon 740P doesn't have a phono stage, so I got the matching 310LP. The Moon gear is in a different league. More accurate timber, performer placement in the soundstage, lower noise, just better overall sound. Digital has been a challenge. When I learned that Linn and Classe were discontinuing selling CD Players, I started to invest in digital audio. The Moon does much better with Digital music reproduction. The improvement is top to bottom, but most noticeable in the treble. Loud dense musical passages such as choirs with full symphony playing at crescendo are a thrill. It is much easier to make out the words being sung and track the individual instrument lines. The Classe would get congested and sometimes introduce grain. The Moon is much better at separating the sounds with clarity. Both 740P and 310LP are dual mono, zero feedback fully balanced designs. The lower noise is also very apparent in using my headphone amp.

I just finished a session spinning vinyl to break in the 310LP phono stage. This phono stage is much more accurate than what was in my Classe. The more I listened to it, the better the sound got. It is less forgiving than my previous phono stages and easily lets you know which are your best recordings and which are so-so.  It was a thrill to play some 200 gram vinyl records that I acquired when I was into buying vinyl. These days, I've been buying more 4XDSD recordings. If I start getting back into vinyl play, I may have to look at a phono cartridge upgrade.

I still have some programming to do with the preamp. I can rename the inputs, and assign the volume levels per input so sound level is more uniform when switching between the inputs.

I've always been in the camp of your sound is only as good as your source. You start with the best recording and get the best gear to help preserve what is in that recording up until it hits your ears. As far as speakers go, these MUST work with your listening room. I like full range speakers with large power amplifiers. The Vandersteen Model 2s I've had affinity with. They will faithfully reproduce what signal you send them and let you know how good everything up front is. The result is with careful electronics and cable pairing, you can achieve incredible music in your home. In all the rooms I've placed them in, I've managed decent bass response. I'm glad I replaced my aging 2Cs with my Signature III's. I've made careful upgrades up the chain, and am very happy listening to music.




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3 hours ago, randyhat said:

Thanks for posting.  Have you heard any of the Simaudio power amps?  I'm considering the 760A to drive my Quatro CTs.  Also considering Ayre VX-5 Twenty and Lumin AMP.


Recently heard SIM pre and stereo amp driving Quattro CT - they work very well together….

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Didn’t even notice the rack. In the 90’s I used to make those adjustable racks for friends using one piece, air dried maple and steel rods.  They were fun to make.  I even did the constrained layering of MDF and a special anechoic  coating (black goop) that was used in subs ( wasn’t supposed to have it). It was a gift from another Repair Officer from subs  who I dealt with. Sorry, memories came back. 

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On 7/22/2023 at 1:23 PM, GdnrBob said:

Nice equiment!

I like the rack, too. -Who makes it?


The rack where I installed my audio front end is a Salamander Archetype.

When I upgraded from audiophile electronics to high end it was a curse at first. It brought out all the problems my cheap mdf cabinets had on the sound. The additional weight was more than the original cabinet was designed to accommodate. This was my first cabinet upgrade.

The A/V cabinet I eventually upgraded took a while to find. My challenge is finding cabinets that will fit and accommodate my equipment, including my 2CE Sig 3s. Through audiophile forums I cam across Rigid Rack. I finally found a stable platform in a rack to accommodate my Simaudio Moon W5 amp.


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@Boom Boom

Thanks for the info.

My main system is housed in Ikea bookshelves- I know, not the best, but it fits and looks good. With a little creative carpentry, I probably could insert an HRS shelf unit, but due to a lack of funds, I have to use what I got. In any case, it works.

I just like how you are stacking so many components. Most racks don't offer such a range.

-Though, that turntable seems to be a bit high....😬


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