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My 2CE Sig Setup

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Hello all.  I'm new to posting in this forum but have learned a lot from reading all the shared info here over the years.  I had initially purchased my 2CE sigs back in 2005 and am still loving them to this day.  Most recently, I decided to merge my 2CE sigs into my theater setup as my 2 channel space was too small to get the most out of the speakers.  In addition, I upgraded from a parasound A23 to the Belles Aria Dual Mono (~120 watt version) through Johnny R at Audio Connection.   The bypass function works great with my theater set up and  my AVR.   

I would not have ever found Audio Connection if it were not for all the recommendations here that led me to Johnny's expertise.  Thanks all!  




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Welcome Agh. Very nice.

I purchased a Belles Aria Sig preamp from Johnny with bypass for my HT setup (have my 2 channel and HT in the same room, Treo’s as my mains, 2CE Sigs as my rears in HT mode).  Johnny is great, and enjoy his wisdom and help a great deal. My Aria Sig preamp feed my Belles MB-200 mono blocks. Johnny was recommending the Belles dual mono amp to go with my preamp, but didn’t want to wait again, and found the MB-200’s after my old Belles 400A bit the dust (great amp I may still get repaired). Very happy with the Aria Sig and MB combo.



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