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Hi there. I’ve been lurking in this forum for a few years now, off and on. I think it’s a great forum and hope I can contribute.

I’ve been into music and audio ever since high school. I’m the guy who brought his stereo to college. I’m sure most of you did too.

My first set of Vandersteens were the Model 2Ce Signature II after my kids had grown up and not have to worry about them poking their fingers in a driver.

I bought a set of used Treos (non CT)  during the shutdown in 2020.

My oldest son moved out of his room after college so I inherited his room which now the listening room. No acoustic treatments and it’s a work-in-progress. 

I’ve had some component changes since I took the picture in my profile. I’ll update soon.

Glad to meet you all.

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Welcome to the forum Alex! 

I bought some non CT Treo’s a couple years ago and enjoy them a lot. Congrats!  They replaced my 2CE Sigs, which I still have and actually use in my HT configuration as my rears.

Can’t bring myself to let them go for what I paid.



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Welcome Alex and thanks for finally posting.  I love it when the lurkers start to post. Helps us all grow and it will bring up new ideas etc…. I owned the non CT Treo’s before my Quatro CT upgrade.  They were SINGING when Bob came up to purchase them.  Almost didn’t want to let them go 😉.  Looking forward to your posts and pics.

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