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Treo Non-CT to Vandersteen 5A?

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Hello everyone!

     I have done some searching, and it is clear that the Treo CT is superior to the 5A. How about the Non-CT Treo to 5A? Would that be a worthwhile upgrade? 

I am happy with my current speakers but, there is a pair of 5As within driving distance from me for a reasonable price. I do not see myself spending Quatro CT money on speakers in the near future.   

Thanks in advance for your responses!


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Again, this is up to your ears.

But, if you are asking me, (and I owned a pair of non CT Treo's- though I never owned the 5a's), I believe the Treo's would be an easy winner due to the great cabinetry.

Don't get me wrong, the base models like the 1, 2, 3, and 5 were great performers when they were made, but when Mr. V. moved to using tightly made cabinets, the speakers evolved significantly.

I moved from a pair of 3a sigs to the non-CT Treo's and the difference was readily apparent.

Also consider that the time that elapsed between the 5's and the Treo's had many improvements upon the internal elements, as well.

All our speakers benefit from improvements, sometimes very subtle, from the time they were conceived to when they are built.

Just my 2 cents.


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Thanks GdnrBob! I received some advice from you before I bought my current speakers.

I have never heard the Vandersteen 5s. The speakers I have now and the speakers I am considering are from approximately 2012.  



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Posted (edited)

i have owned the 5a and Treo CT and heard the Treo non CT many times. ( and 1’s and 3’s… and a Sub 3….

First a well cared set of 5a will have no cracks in the VERY substantiated head unit, fresh batteries in both the internal crossovers and external high pass filters.  AND even IF local you must transport them w factory pallet and proper bolts.

Given a similar if not close match on the tweeter and mid between the models, on the surface you might think them equal… except the built in sub in the 5a and high passing your main amplifier WILL increase midrange clarity and give you true flat to 20 hz or very close bass while dealing w room mode issues w 11 bands of EQ. 

It is not the same analysis going from a 1-2-3 in any form to the much more inert Treo cabinet.  Treo CT with two sub three is a different analysis. At that point, you are in Quattro $.

How big is the room ? 5A needs to live a bit further off the wall.

The 5a is in my opinion a masterwork… quite frankly putting to shame current $50 k speakers…

@Richard Vandersteen should of course weigh in.

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Thanks TomicTime! I probably would not be able to place them ideally. The backs of my current speakers are approximately 16 inches from the front wall. My room is 14 feet wide and 29 feet long. I sit approximately 9 feet from the center of the speakers. There is an opening to a stairway near the right speaker. I have spent considerable time tuning the bass in the room.  It appears that the pallets and boxes are ready for the move. 

After saying all that I must admit that they may not be the best fit for me/my room at this time. 

Thanks again!


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Understand - The Treo is really an amazing speaker - i’ve never heard better depth of image in a speaker so close to wall…there is a LOT of great engineering / listening in the grill design imo….

An upgrade path you might consider is a sub 3 with high pass filters… yes the bass is better but the gain in midrange clarity is astounding 

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