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‘We Get Requests’ with Ray Brown, bass and Ed Thigpen, drums.

Have had this on CD for years, and saw this fairly recent Verve reissue from 2019, and picked it up. Originally released 1964.

Not very complicated bop, but quite enjoyable, and a nice pressing. Beats the heck out of my CD version.



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bkeske,  great choice!  In a recent thread, I mentioned going to a HiFi show and hearing Cat Stevens through a pair of Vandersteen 4’s.  The next song they played was You Look Good To Me from We Get Requests.  I don’t think I had ever heard a bow on an upright bass, and when Ed Thigpen’s drums dropped in  ...............  Afterwards, I grabbed a pen from Karen’s purse & wrote down the name & title.  It was the first jazz record I really paid attention to.   Have been an Oscar fan ever since. 

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Yea, it was one of my first jazz albums I bought when getting into the genre back in the 80’s. Very easy and enjoyable as an intro to Jazz. Oscar is indeed a fav of mine.

I also turned into a huge Ray Brown fan, and agree, listening him take a bow to that bass is a wonderful thing indeed. I had a chance to see him a couple times in a small club setting, and he is magical. 

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