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Vandersteen Audio 7.2.4 Home Theater System

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Vandersteen Audio 3A Signatures Front Left and Right 

Vandersteen VCC 5 Center 

Vandersteen VSM for Sides,Rears,Top Middle and Top Fronts.

Ayre K5 MP Stereo Pre Amp

Ayre 2ch V5xe Amp LR-Front 

Clearaudio Concept Turntable 

Shitt Mani Phono Pre amp


Enlighten Audio Design DSP-100 HDCD

Marantz AV8802 -7.1.4 Atmos Audyssey XT32

Rotel RB-1070 2ch Amp (Atmos) Top Front

Rotel RMB-1095 5ch Amplifier Side & Back 

Rotel RB-933 3ch Amp (Atmos) Top Back 

Dual SVS PB16 Ultras Subwoofers

DIY-Window Acoustic Panels

VTI Audio Racks






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cool. I'm not as familiar with the 3 set up.  I know that the stand for the 2's sits underneath also.  What a clean look. I assumed you had it set properly since everything else is so beautiful.  Thank so much for the education.  Are those sold by V or aftermarket?  

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All my Speakers are Vandersteen except the SVS subs for HT. I have owned Vandersteen Speakers since the late 80’s.  I started my Vandersteen quest with a pair of 2Ci.  Since then I upgraded to the 3A Sigs and never had the itch to upgrade. All of my Speakers have been purchased new from Audio Connection  in Verona NJ,  except for two pairs of VSMs.


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He's right.  This is why I don't understand folks claiming some speakers are better for this type or that type etc....  Makes zero sense to me.  If your goal is to listen to music as closely as we can possibly do in a room, then a speaker has to be coherent from top to bottom.  Phase correct and time alignment is the only way IMHO to start.  I enjoyed Theil's back in the day too, but they were a bit too bright for me for a full time speaker.  I get the emotion out of the Vandersteen's that I just don't get with others.  

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We use our Quatros along with a sorta large OLED set for watching whatever comes along of interest. 

The interesting thing is that the sound still rather envelopes the viewer, even though it's only a two channel system.  Perhaps not as well as with a full multi-channel system, but it's far closer to the movie theater experience than I imagined was possible.  I suspect that's because of the way the Dolby surround encoding works.  Even un-matrixized (!), there are surround elements still in the sound.  That's just a guess, though.  One of those great mysteries.

The late Charley Hansen used to posit that it was better to invest your money into the best two-channel system you could as opposed to spending the same amount on a multi-channel system.  He probably had a point.  If nothing else, it's easier to manage in a pragmatic sense.  Plus, most music comes in stereo form, not surround.  Of course, if you can manage a really top level surround system, that would be better still.  These days, you can spend as much on a high performance two channel system as on a new Ferrari.  I'm not talking of the glam systems that might not perform as well as they shine - I'm talking about a bona fide high performance system.  Think about starting with a Vandersteen System Nine.  You could be buying two Ferraris (or one of the special models) for the price of a comparably performing multi-channel system.  Of course, just as with Ferraris, this is a hobby.  So, how somebody chooses to enjoy it is up to him, her, or them.

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Great post BK.  Many I really miss talking to Charlie.  He was one of the great guys in audio to talk to.  Opinionated and he made a few folks upset at times, but man was he brilliant.  Missing AJ Conte too.  Just a true gentleman.  Sorry, you really hit me with your post. :). 



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