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I experienced a wonderful verification yesterday.  The last time I played my original 2003 release of Steely Dan's last album Everything Must Go a couple weeks ago, I noticed a significant amount of surface noise, particularly on side 2.  Though I have owned it since shortly after it came out, I've only played it a hand-full of times.  But, I don't recall noticing anywhere near that much noise.  It has been cleaned on my VPI, and I always give each record side a good swipe with the Audioquest Carbon Brush.  

In the past, I have noticed similar noise on brand new records, even after a vacuum cleaning.  But on a few occasions, most of the pops or clicks just went away after a few spins.  Hoping this was the case with EMG, I put it on the table yesterday.  But this time, I also gave it (and the carbon fiber mat) 3 cycles with the Milty Zerostat 3 and BINGO!  It was practically dead quiet.  Further verification that what may sound like surface damage can often be excess static.

Now I can send the RSD copy I ordered to my friend in Boston  :)

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Good to hear (pun intended). I use the Audioquest brush, and in place of the Zerostat I use a RONXS Lighter, Upgraded Candle Lighter Camping Lighter Grill Lighter USB Lighter Plasma Arc. The plasma arc is cheap and effective. You don't let it touch the record.

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I'm always curious about anti static guns that work via ionization.  If the ions are Oxygen won't that oxidize the surface of the record? If not oxygen then what is being ionized and will it stick to the surface of the record (like the metal plates in an ionizing air filter) or float away after exchanging electrons?

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