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Not interested. Forward facing super-tweeters cause unpredictable lobing. They “help” about like stacking speakers back in the 70’s and 80’s improved sound. Now, if the super-tweeter is faced upwards or rear-facing, it could add a sense of air (recognizing their output is 100% distortion). My room isn’t large enough for the 5a’s (and the rear-facing tweeter) so the addition of a rear-facing super-tweeter is out of the question. 

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I am inclined to concur.  Guttengberg said he aligned the supertweeter with the speaker tweeters, but neglected to say how 'aligned' they were. BTW, he also said that when the supertweeters were set at a non-aligned position, everything sounded 'off'. 

If so, then the supertweeters should be 'perfectly' aligned with the speaker tweeters.

Coming back to your mention of using them 

22 hours ago, nrenter said:

faced upwards or rear-facing

I wonder if that would generate some of the sound qualities of an omni directional speaker?


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