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We'll leave the light on for you

Steve Edwards

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While they went on to become much more commercially successful with later releases, the Motels first album is my favorite.  Released in the Fall of 1979, it was on regular rotation when my brother, my nephew and I relocated to San Clemente that same year.   Classified as New Wave, it has some slow, bluesy grooves, but is not without its share of high energy.  There is very little overdriven distortion, just clean, sparse music, meticulously defined. 

It was a pretty rudimentary system we listened to it on back then (stacking two pair of speakers in opposite corners of the living room and pointing them at each other).  I've learned a little bit more about set up and placement in the last quarter of a century  :)  but as my system has improved, particularly the last few years, it sounds better every time I play it.  Noticed a few nuances yesterday I had never heard.


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