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Audioquest announces their new Mythical Creatures interconnects

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Many of us have been waiting for Garth and Bill Low to finish these cables.  It's taken a bit longer than I thought and I hope they are worth it.  They will start delivery in Jan.  I may just get a pair in and see how they sound vs my Fire as well as my Horizon (the first year of the WEL's).  How many of you will be auditioning them in your systems?

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lmao. I have the Horizons that I may sell when the new ones come out (it's the original WEL, but they were forced to change the name so it was only out for a year).  I LOVE it.  I have to see how much up the line I'll have to go to better it.  It may be worth keeping, but if not, we can talk, lol.  ha... I have a feeling the new cables will be better, but again, where will that be in their new line?  That's a great question that only an audition will show.

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