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Room Problem and Solution

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Thought I'd share my recent experience in the hopes that it might aid others. My original listening room layout can be seen below. That should give you some perspective as to how my acoustic panels were positioned prior to the changes.

As you will see, I have an alcove on the right side almost immediately beyond the right speaker. For some time now my balance has been off by about 1 dB. Couldn't figure out way. Blamed the cart, electronics...everything but the room. One day I was listening to Amused To Death which has a lot of "surround" sounds. They were readily apparent on the left but lacking on the right. Decided to move two of my acoustic panels to simulate a wall (see pic) and voila, problem solved. Channel imbalance gone. Sound stage much improved and extended fully to the right side of the room. The lack of a wall on the right was the culprit. Now the room is not so pretty but the sound is much improved. Hope this helps others who might have issues related to room configurations. Rooms matter... a lot!



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14 hours ago, Gsal said:

After seeing my solution my wife suggested that I build a short wall and hang the panels on it.  A more  elegant solution. I intend to do so.

They have tracks you can put in the ceiling that you can hang a panel from. If you did that you could slide the panel out when you listen to music and slide it back on the partition wall when not in use. Just food for thought! 

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8 hours ago, Gsal said:

Thanks for the suggestion but I decided yesterday to order two GIK free standing GOBO acoustic panels. Less costly and disruptive than a wall and they can be moved if so desired.

Those look interesting.

I wonder if you could connect them and make a foldable room divider- Like a zig zag- I wonder if that would still do the job.


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Good work Gsal. There's no other way tbh, things must be tested and tried. I try to make measurements with a calibrated microphone and use the Room EQ Wizard software, but the final decision still always comes down to my ears and gut feel.

I'd personally test with an additional acoustic panel in the same place on the right wall where the old one used to be, since the Treo is so close to the wall and this often creates annoying first reflections.

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