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New To Forums - Vintage 1B Owner

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Hello all,

I purchased my 1B's during my freshman year in college back in 1990 at a shop in Fresno, CA called Musical Images.

It was my first speaker purchase after having a few sets of hand me down speakers from family members. At the time I would go to either Circuit City, Boots Camera or Good Guys to look at equipment and thought I would buy either Infinity, Polks or dare I say Bose speakers. Until I came across Musical Images and the owner Greg. I was a young kid with no real budget but he took the time to educate me about Hi-Fi and let me sit and listen to the systems he had in his shop.  Greg carried Rotel, Proceed, Proton TV's , Mirage and Vandersteen. After many listening and education sessions with Greg I finally decided to buy the 1B's. At the time I had a JVC receiver and Greg informed me that I would not hear what the 1B's could really do but that I would be happy with them and they could grow with my system. I paid $695 for them which was outside my budget but I made it work. I couldn't afford the sound anchors but I did buy them a year later.

Over the years I have expanded into home theater and added the matching center and rears after trying many other brands but never could get the results I wanted until I had all Vandersteen speakers.

I have never felt the need to upgrade my speakers but heard the difference with each component upgrade I have made over the years. I did re-sock my 1B's in 2019 so they look brand new. My cats did love to use them as scratching posts.

Below is my current set up.

Marantz AV7005

Harmon Kardon Signature 2.1




Velodyne VA-1012 (Pair)

Pro-ject Debut Carbon EVO

Apple TV 4 gen


Panasonic TC-PZT60

Blue Jeans Cable Belden 1505F

Audioquest Slate




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It is kind of funny how your 1990s 1Bs and my ~’84 2Cs seem to last and be the basis for nice sounding systems.

There are undoubtedly better speakers now including Vandersteens, but that system looks great and much better than just having a merry-go-round of sideways upgrade/swaps.

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Welcome ! Back in the day, i sold a LOT of 1B because they sound fantastic driven by a Kmart clock radio and amazing with most of the affordable receivers of the era. Even a $218 NAD 3020 could bring an instant smile 😉

The venerable 2, also still in production and continuous refinement just needs a bit more grunt. I recently heard a pair of 1Ci with a current production Marantz integrated and was absolutely floored by the massive soundstage…. Congrats on making a great choice way back and stay awhile here, lots a great folks who share your long running passion for both music and Vandersteen…

Photo is a pair of 1ci in my vintage room.



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Thanks for all your comments and pics. I have thought about upgrading but my room is small and I think 2's would be too large but would possibly move up to new 1C's.

I would think after all these years it would be a big upgrade but not sure. It would be interesting to compare them directly with my current pair.


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@redwoodzz  Welcome to the forum.

I also purchased my first Vandersteen 1b speakers from Musical Images in 1987 when Greg was still partners with Michael in the old shop. I moved out of Fresno the following year when Greg opened the new shop you were in.   And like you, Greg was a real gentleman and took the time to educate me about taking a big step up from Pioneer turntables, Kenwood receivers and Advent speakers.   😂       After selling my 1b I went to Thiel  for 20+ yrs.  and just returned to Vandersteen last month with the purchase of a pair of Quatro CTs.

I am in heaven with my new system. It is so nice to be back in the Vandersteen camp.

Enjoy the forum,


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