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Caulking for drivers

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New member here! I just acquired a used pair of 2Ce's, and I'm blown away by them.  But one of them has a buzz/rattle in the 8" woofer. I've pulled the woofer to send to Vandersteen for repair, revealing a lot of dried out caulking material where the woofer mates to the enclosure. Anybody know what kind of caulk I should use when I reinstall the repaired woofer?

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I just had the midrange driver repaired and returned.  The directions included asked for silicone to be installed around the speaker, so I took out the mid driver in the other 5A which didn't have the silicone, to get the silicone installed there as well..   I was told afterward that the drivers of my speaker didn't need it at all.   I would suppose that its easier to remove the driver for a needed repair  without the silicone than with it,  and  owners should probably not do it if not needed.

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