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M5-HP pigtails

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I have been playing around with new interconnects and luckily found some AQ WEL.

The difference is striking between my previous cables, including Sky-which are the pigtails on my M5 crossovers.

Which brings me to my question-

If I notice a significant performance increase with the WEL, would changing the crossover pigtails from Sky to WEL make a difference? Or, does it's shortness not affect sound that much?


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You have just discovered why they are only nine inches long!  The out-put pig tail is part of a battery biased network including the coupling caps, internal load resistors and the input load of the main amplifier.  If you have a main amplifier with a high input impedance you can do an interesting experiment.  Set the M5-HP(B) to 10K using a full range speaker and compare the sound with the M5 in circuit and without.  Amazingly you will find the sound improved with the M5-HP(B) in circuit!  If you do this experiment and your M5-HP(B) is normally set 100K and above, you need to set it to 10K and wait for one week for the additional caps to form.  You can ask John Ratan about this because he and some of his customers have done this experiment.  Why this happens is beyond this comment but feel free to ask me why someday at one of my seminars.


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