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Good used preamp for the M5 amp for under 2k

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I’ve owned the base Ayre k-5 Xe (& upgraded xeMP version) and base model Aesthetics Calypso (& now own upgraded signature edition). 

Both are nice in that price range and hold their value well. The Ayre to me was “cleaner”, separation was very good. The Calypso added a sense of texture and filled in spaces between instruments. I kept the Calypso but enjoyed both with my Quatros.

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I've owned and loved Ayre in the past.  I really like Ryan, Ariel and the guys. Also love Jim White and his crew as they really stepped up when I had an issue (from the seller) with a used Rhea.  Since it's a stop gap, I can't afford to overpay as it may only be 6 months or so.  I'll go search a bit and see what's out there. Thanks all.  

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