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My system so far...

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This has been a busy year of upgrades to my system and the way it sounds now... well, I couldn't be happier.  This year's changes include:

ARC LS27 to REF6

ARC PH8 to REF Phono 3

Pangea rack to Lateral Rack

Added four HRS E1 platforms including AMG optimized platform

VPI Aries 3 to AMG Giro turntable

Audioquest Niagara 1000 to Niagara 5000

Various Audioquest power cords to Hurricane cords

Added DS Audio ION-001 ionizer - What a difference

Audioquest Water XLR to Audioquest Wind

Added HRS Helix between E1 platform and Aurender A10

Thank God that I have an understanding wife!!!

I am no longer thinking about any upgrades because I am 100% happy!!!

Rob's system May 2022.jpg

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I run a simple 5.1 with 5 KEF LS 50 Meta and a REL 528SE. The receiver is a Denon A110. The HT and 2 channel setups are completely separate, and I run dedicated circuits to both... I took the advice from my local dealer (Ultra Fidelis) and did test listening to determine the directionality of the romex before I ran the circuits... Actually 3 dedicated circuits. Weird but I did hear the difference.

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7 hours ago, Pilrem said:

Now I need to find a way to clean up the tangle of wires behind my racks... any ideas out there?

I have tried many times, but the cables always win. It's gotten even worse with those damned AQ power cables that can fight like an Anaconda with Marlin Perkins.


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