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The Treo Theater

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Now For Something Completely Different

 The room is 14x29x8 in a walk-out basement. The front wall is poured concrete to approximately 45 inches high. Above that the wall is standard 2x6 and drywall. All basement walls are insulated.  


Vandersteen Treo Non-Ct

Vandersteen 2W

Vandersteen VCC5

Vandersteen VSMs

Polk Audio rear channels

JTR S2 Subwoofers x 2

Sherbourn PT-7030 preamplifier

Aragon 8008x5 amplifier

Kenwood amplifier

Crown XLS 2502 Amplifier for BOSS setup

Oppo BDP 105

Roku Ultra



Dual runs of Audioquest Rocket 88 for each Treo

 Audioquest Meteor for Center Channel

Quad Star cable used for XLR cables (for 5 Vandersteen speakers)

Audionote Capacitors wired into XLR cables for Treo/2W crossover

Generic RCA to Kenwood amp (no XLR connectors)


Dedicated 110 volt line to stereo equipment

Dedicated 220 volt line to each JTR subwoofer

 Monoprice in wall wire for side and rear surrounds

Pangea AC-9 for Aragon amplifier

Emotiva Power Cord for preamplifier

Benchmark locking power cable for Oppo BDP-103


70 inch Sharp Aquos Television

110 Elite Screen Powered Screen

Epson 3700 projector

7 GIK panels

2 ASC tube traps

2 Real Traps Acoustic panels

Triple Black Velvet on front wall

I used REW and Multi Sub Optimizer to tune subwoofers


     Hello everyone! I have been meaning to join the forum and share my system for a while now. I finally took time to sit down and write up some notes. I decided to try and put together a nice system after being away from audio for a while. I found a used pair of Vandersteen 2Cis on my local Craigslist and proceeded to build a system around them before the basement they were intended for was finished.   

     After several years, one of the tweeters in the 2Cis went bad. I considered replacing the tweeter but ultimately decided that the age of the speakers probably meant they were not operating as Richard intended. I considered 2Ci Signature IIIs. Then I noticed a used pair of Treos on Audiogon. I talked to Johnny Rutan and Gdnrbob, their advice helped me decide to make the purchase.     

      I use two inputs, a Roku Ultra, and an Oppo BDP-103. All channels are crossed over at 80 hz.  Even though I crossover at 80 Hz I still use the 2w in the system. Measurements show that the 2w helps up to around 160 HZ, so it improves mid-bass. Bass below 80 Hz and LFE go to the Mini-Dsp. There the signal is split to a front and rear sub and the BOSS system. The Mini-Dsp allows me to equalize and delay each output separately.

      The Parametric Equalization and delay for the front and rear subs were determined using a program called Multi-Sub Optimizer (MSO). The process involved taking measurements of each speaker and each sub at (in my case) six different listening positions. Measurement data is entered into a computer along with certain user prescribed data. The program runs and provides a visual interpretation of changes as it works. The result is more even bass at all seating positions.     

     The BOSS system is Really Amazing. It consists of a 12 inch subwoofer for each seat, mounted in a wooden platform, resting on soft feet. The overall affect is that you experience increased realism during movies without needing to increase the volume or the number of subwoofers. The system is incorporated into your seating area as you see fit. Some people have managed to completely hide their system, I could not.

     Details on this system can be found here:  https://www.avsforum.com/threads/the-hideaway-theater.2991522/#post-56519422.

     I am sure some will be skeptical about the BOSS, but I believe if you try it, you won’t be without it. Some people on the forum linked above have gone to the extreme with the system. It is a fun read and great experiment if you watch movies through your system. Because my system is wired separately, I can turn the BOSS on/off as I desire and I can of course increase or decrease the intensity.     

      In my office I normally listen to Innersound Eros electrostatic speakers. I also have Original Carver Amazing Speakers, Magnepan SMGA, Ohm Acoustics Corporation Model I, and even a set of Bose 901s speakers on hand. I find that having different speakers, with different presentations allows me to experiment, learn, and appreciate the strengths and weaknesses of all of them.    



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Though I really don't care to be near large groups of people, I have to say watching a movie in a theater is better than watching alone or in a small group.

Sometimes, you can feel the whole audience reacting with you- which is kinda amazing.

I remember watching Broadway Danny Rose in the theater when it came out. 
When it got to the part in the Macy's parade floats and he punctures the helium tank. The whole theater broke out laughing at the absurdity as the voices changed to falsettos.

Actually, you should really watch this movie. It's funny the first time, and gets better when re-watched.


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