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Jazz At The Pawnshop

Steve Edwards

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Not new music to most of us, but may I pose a question to the group?  Is anyone familiar with one or more of these issues?  I'm guessing an original sounds the best, but there were multiples that came out from 1977 to the mid '80s.  


The retailer RAREWAVES  has this listing:  https://www.rarewaves.com/products/7392004777792-jazz-at-the-pawnshop-vinyl?variant=31854950744161&utm_source=cartbite&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=E7E4APWHQX5JA18L48DIBRE2&cbn_medium=email&cbn_campaign=E7E4APWHQX5JA18L48DIBRE2&message_process_id=4518329352289-productId-tId-BPBHAXHX6FW4BCLWG5CCCPTP-BPBHAXHX6FW4BCLWG5CCCPTP

but when I contacted them about more details, i.e. source, pressing country and plant, color of vinyl (don't trust those pretty colored ones), the only information they had from the manufacturer was what is listed on the page.  It's a lot better price and shipping would only be $4.  But, as this is regarded as one of the best jazz records in modern music, I would like to get the best version I can.  

Play on

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3 hours ago, Steve Edwards said:

Darn Brian, that sounds REAL tempting; but, when I clicked on it, I got a "404! Oh no!  We couldn't find that page" message.  Maybe it's already sold?

Thanks for the tip

Yea Steve, checked, it’s gone. What are the chances?

Another from Germany for $36ish


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23 hours ago, Steve Edwards said:

Interesting  ..........  "MASTER CUT RECORDING"  ............. I wonder what that means.  And, most of the other releases are double LPs (with a different cover).

Yea Steve, I didn’t notice, but those European (German) releases/pressings don’t have the same number of tracks as the double LP’s.  Thus, may not be as desirable to you. But are rated very high.

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