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Treo to Quatro CT


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I knew it. I just saw him in Oct.  Great guy.  When to college in Amherst, MA.  We had a bunch of folks in common.  I assume he's closing the shop totally as he didn't have a buyer as of a few months ago.  Sad to see the store go.  Small, but a good shop.

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GPick, I applaud your choice of the Quatros.  I've had mine (fabric version) for six years now and love them.  As others have said, placement of Vandersteen speakers is a critical element in achieving the most rewarding reproduction of your recorded music. 

Regarding your amplifier considerations, here are my two cents:  nothing can reveal more than an in-home audition.  No two rooms are alike and no matter what you hear in a store, it will not be the same in your room (let alone all the other components matching).  There are some dealers who will loan equipment for this purpose, but certainly not all of them.  Ayre does get a lot of good press on this forum.  I once borrowed one of their preamps (along with a Parasound phono preamp) to try out in my system.  I was not impressed, but my set up was also not as dialed in as it is now.

Another manufacturer that gets many kudos here is PS Audio.  With their 30 day in-home trial on all their products, I encourage you to check them out.  Their Stellar line of class D amplifiers are quite reasonably priced.

Welcome to the greatest hobby / passion in the world

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Yeah, Treo to Quatro is huge difference in technology.  Especially having 4 floor-firing subs.  The integration is seamless and the balsa-core midranges introduce an amazing clarity.  Those things are a complete game changer for first order crossover networks.

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This is the driver set up for Quatro's:


1” Exclusive Aerodynamic Dual-Chamber, Transmission-Line Loaded Carbon Dome with Ferrofluid Voice-Coil Cooling 


4.5” Reflection-Free Tri-Woven Composite Cone with Die-Cast Aerodynamic Basket and Magnet System with Ferrofluid Voice-Coil Cooling 


6.5” Woven-Fiber Cone and Precision-Formed Magnet Assembly Copper Faraday Ring 


(2) 8" Carbon-Loaded Cellulose-Cone Drivers with Long-Throw Motor Assemblies 
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