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New to me Miles Davis


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Just got this from Return to Analog out of CA. Good recording, Miles' horn is upfront and present. Sonny and he seem like they are having fun and that comes across in on the LP. There are some nice solos of each artist too.  Good pressing clean, very little surface noise. I don't know how gimmicky the clear vinyl is but the recording puts you in the venue. Some live recordings annoy me but this crowd noise is appropriate for a live concert. If you are a bop fan I highly recommend it



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Digital audio player. Bob is correct. The higher end ones sound great on a system or in the car as they have audio stream outputs. 

The portable world is completely different. They buy IEMs and cans FOR their various sound curves. Most own multiples depending on the sound they want that day. It’s cool as they talk more about the music than many 2 channel folks. Love their community as they don’t think what they own is the be all end all. Open minded and eared. They just have fun with it. Tons of buying and selling. 

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is it something that can be inserted into a stereo system-You know, with loudspeakers and not headphones?

On 8/11/2022 at 9:07 AM, ctsooner said:

The higher end ones sound great on a system or in the car

I have to do some research on this, as the Bang and Olufsen stereo in my TTs sounds pretty bad. Much of it is due to the lack of space to install a subwoofer. I am not a fan of DSP, but perhaps in such restricted areas, it might be the only way to compensate for the limited space and positioning of speakers.


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