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New Vandersteen Preamp

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4 hours ago, Gsal said:

This question is directed to RV.

Richard, are you able to share any info at this point concerning the upcoming preamp? Will it include a phono section? Anticipated release date?

Thank you in advance for your time.

Not yet but it will not have a phono section as the 12 power supplies use all the room.  RV

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47 minutes ago, Patrick D said:

RV — Will it be solid state? 

Thanks... just heard about this from 'Tomic' on Audiogon,  who has your 7 and the Treo CT.  I have 2CE Sig IIIs (though I may move up to the Treo CT soon), and I am shopping for preamps.

  • RV - I just spoke to Bob at "my" dealer in Tacoma, and he told me more. Sounds very exciting! Sorry I missed seeing you there, but I was out of town. Darn.
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