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2wq polarity with 2CE Sigs

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I recently swapped in an old Mccormack DNA1 back into my rig and while connecting the 2wq I experienced a huge mid bass dip. After reading the 2wq manual I switched the polarity on the sub connections from the amp and that seemed to take care of the problem. To my recollection the connections have always been in phase with my other amps (including a similar Mccormack). Any idea if the polarity requirements are governed by the amp that is being used? I was under the impression that the 2wq was always in phase with any other Vandersteen speaker. 

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Also does it matter if I use independent speaker terminals for the mains and the sub? Mccormack comes with four pairs of terminals so I use the additional terminals for the sub. However, I was told that I would be better off wiring the sub and mains from the same set of terminals. I will have to go hunt for some other old cables to do this since I don't want to destroy the cables that have been cleanly terminated with spades.


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19 minutes ago, TomicTime said:

it’s possible that the additional ouput terminal on the amp are wired out of phase…. an. error… if i understand situation…

Is that was the case then playing a tone, one should be able to see a + to + AC voltage reading… between the inverted +/- pair and the non inverted +/- Pair.
One could then just attach the SW cables  backwards.

on a related effort.
I am looking for the banana plugs that allow the 2W cables to slide inside of the speaker cable at the speaker connection.

I cannot seem to find an economy set of them,

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I think it “stackable”  bananas that I was looking for.

I’ll just cut the banana ends off of cord running to the 2W and twist those together with the speaker cable, and then stuff them into some ETI Copper Link RCAs, and call it a day.

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