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Bolts with rubber heads

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Since I just got wood floors in, I tried to swap the spikes with bolts that have rounded heads. I guess one of the bolts must have had a little bit of metal protruding at the spot where the screw driver goes in and it has left some scratches and dips in the floor. I was wondering if anyone has seen bolts with heavy duty rubber heads. Might be more forgiving on the floors especially when one needs to tweak the tilt a little more frequently while still in the process of setting up.

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Just bought spike shoes from Audio Connection on Saturday.  They do a great job of seating the cones/spikes. I can slide the speakers a little without worrying about the spike jumping out and scratching my floor.

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On 1/22/2023 at 5:19 PM, Richard Vandersteen said:

Stratocaster, get your dealer to order a set of "Spike Shoes" and use the stock spikes for best results.  RV

Thanks Richard. I didn't realize we had the option for spike shoes for the 2CEs.  Will reach out to Stereo Unlimited to order them.

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