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Casa Pacifica - “ Nook “ Refresh Project

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Some of you who have visited here or in person understand my love / hate relationship with the equipment “ nook “ in our Condo Music / Living room.

While i used a lot of HRS isolation products, I always knew the relatively narrow but think   glass shelves were NOT helping sonics….

I finally got the gumption to call Arnold the founder of Core Audio Design and work together to spec out some of his custom isolation shelves to be used in conjunction with HRS Nimbus couplers.

Several other Vandy forum members have Core racks and I Love the technology , wood and very high level of craftsmanship… really artistry. @JonM has recent experience - you can see his extensive photos…

Each approximately 17” x 22” shelf weighs a hefty 30# so some additional work required on my end…. I wont bore you with pictures of toggle , L bracket, hospital grade outlet and acoustical panel installation…. some DIY….

Wood is Plycraft Apple w Maple veneer, Brazilian Canary face, Copper damper and RFI panels…

LOVE the sonics…. much deeper insights into the music, dark backgrounds, better detail retrieved…. a long list.

Finally Arnold is a gem, an artist, music lover, fellow audiophile and wonderful to work with - My highest praise.





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Looks sweet.

Two Questions;

How are the HRS isolation integrated with the shelves? I don't see them. 

And, how are the shelves mounted to the wall? The top shelf shows some thing that might allow it to be pulled outward, but I am probably wrong.


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i reused the 3/4” x 3/4” hardwood cleats that each shelf rests on. Not knowing exactly how well they were installed AND planning ahead for a 30# Core shelf + A TBD Vandersteen preamp of approximately 30 #, i knew in California i better beef up the anchors for each cleat. I used SS anchors and L brackets and where possible SS 2” screws directly into studs.

Each Core shelf is removable and floats on 6 cork strips attached to the cleats.




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On 3/14/2023 at 8:52 AM, TomicTime said:

a few more including pics Arnold sent me from the shop…



Are the cutouts (under the copper) to include anything else? Or just to save weight?

Pretty nice looking work, and that appleply is as good as it gets.

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The magic of Core Audio is what happens inside that pocket…. several things…probably best to go to the Core website to better understand what he does. There are lots of choices of color / veneer / materials for the covers. In most audio racks they would not even be visible. 

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10 hours ago, TomicTime said:

Pete - Here is a photo i took before installation, next time i speak w Arnold i will find out the specific product. adhesive is on cork, just peel and stick……


You are the BEST Jim!!!  I PRAY you know I was completely teasing, but I guess on this forum.......  I LOVE threads like this as I'm a builder at heart like many of you.  I too use only apple ply when making cabinets or shelves.

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