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I have music back.  Listening to Private Investigations by Dire Straits.  It's on the hard drive of my new Memory Player with DAC/analog control.  

The player is burning in.  I now have Richard's M5-HPA.  My new cables and cords should shop tomorrow, but for now I have a Hurricane feeding teh Niagara 3000.  The amps are plugged into the dedicated circuit as is the Niagara.  I use the same for all audio and the other dedicated for the router.  Interconnects are AQ Horizon (the first year they used this name, but then changed to WEL) and William Tell copper zero and bass.  Hurricane high current on Memory Player.

HOLY CRAP Batman!  I'm in shock.  What a difference these amps make.  I know my system and this DAC and control is so much better than I expected.  It really is the best server in teh world.  Dont' know how he does it and it's getting better when he gets the two chassis version going in a couple of months. 

Back to music, but I'll be showing up wiht thoughts as I burn in.   Thanks.

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yup. I still may sell it as there is another /dac I have high interest in.  We will see.  lol.  This thing is sick though.  I do want to wait until he gets the separate chassis as I think that is going to be a game changer in and of itself.  We will see, but I;m loving my music right now.  I'd have to spend at least 20k to get an analog rig with phono to match this.

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Maybe he changed the site.  It used to show around $40K or so.  He jacks them up for the Asian market as they have to get a big discount or they won't purchase.  he now has a Korean distributor and that's where they will make them going forward I believe.  I think the true sales price will be in the 25-30K range.  They are up against the Taiko Extreme player as I've stated in the past.  I know I have the DAC, but im' not sure they are going that route, although they must to stay in business.  

Digital local hard drives are going to lessen in demand as better sounding streamers are taking off.  You can get a Rossini/clock and Roon NUC+ (2500 or so) and be done with it.  That said, when I use the high res music he loaded on my HD, it BLOWS. away the streaming part of it.  Once he slots my streamer into his special uber low jitter deal, I believe my Tidal will sound as good as the local HD.  It's all about lowering hte noise floor.  I had this conversation with Richard yesterday.  IF any product implements their power supply properly, then you won't need to concern yourself as much with the electrical interference.  He's a freaking genius and doesn't get enough credit for what he can accomplish. He's not 'in the press' about HOW he does things.  If folks really understood what he puts into his products, they'd realize how far ahead of the rest of the other designers he truly is.  

I can now tell folks that the M5 amps are better than any other amp I've had in my system.  I've heard them in a few stores with Quatro's and Kento's and feel they are better than the 30k Audio Research amps, the Ayre MXR's, the Aesthetix Atlas mono blocks, the VTL's, Manley, Constellation, D'Agastino's top amp (Ultimate or whatever name they gave it).  IF you have the funds to make the upgrade, I feel strongly that you will feel the same way I do.  I've just never thought I was going to be able to get this type of sound out of my room.  the bass is freaking amazing, but like all of his products, they are the most coherent I've heard in audio adn that's the time and phase correct deal with a matching amp.  Just AMAZING and that's not hyperbole.  

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16 minutes ago, ctsooner said:

I had this conversation with Richard yesterday.  IF any product implements their power supply properly, then you won't need to concern yourself as much with the electrical interference.

No argument from me on that, although I'm hardly an authoritative reputable source.

In fact I'd even say that if the power supply is designed with it in mind, power cords would not make any difference as long as they sized properly for the current demands.  Obviously, a skinny lamp cord is inappropriate for a large power amp.

The thing is, how many manufacturers do that, really?  I have seen almost no commercial gear that really worries about common-mode noise currents, as just one example.  There's an audio world dogma that says that details like that do not matter.  Most customers don't want to pay for it, so the manufacturers don't want to make their products less competitively priced by adding it.  I don't blame the manufacturers, either.  So, people tweak their system by doing this or that, to taste.

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BK, my server company is growing I believe.  He has been making them by himself with Mark Porzinges going the design and software work. He was behind Melos tube gear years ago.  He's a genius, but can't work with humans. Sam bought his technology and works with him daily.  They are working with the guys in Korea to design the layout, build the cases out of solid billets of aluminum.  The power supplies will all be in a separate case.  Their major issues were build and layout.  It's been terrible, but it sounds so darn good that I've put up with it, but to play in this space, they needed a great looking box, inside and out.  They are doing that.  

Richard said the same thing about power cords on products that are designed properly.  Since I had the 2m Hurricanes, I will have them reterminate to work with the amps.  I'm sure it will help a bit, but i'lll find out.  If I dont' need them, I'll sell them.  

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