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Anyone tried bi-amp with two different amp?

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I know in manual Richard does not recommend biamp with two different makes of poweramp i.e. one on bass and one on highs, but has anyone tried say using a cable splitter out from the highpass crossover and connect to two different amplifier, assuming they both have the same input impedance?

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I have done horizontal bi-amping using Mccormack’s DNA-1 and .5 amps. Woofers are being fed through the 1 and tweeters through 0.5. In this case the manufacturer, the design and the input impedance of the amps is the same. I just went through all the trouble since I had the equipment available to make it happen and Covid was driving me nuts. There was no benefit from the perspective of sound and in fact the whole setup increased the number of cables, connectors etc. and was not worth the hassle.

I guess you have to ask yourself what is it that you are expecting to enhance by doing horizontal biamping.

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My experience over the years would say to bi-wire with one better amplifier always sounds better!  The reason the manual recommends vertical bi-amping is at least the sound will be the same top to bottom.  The crossover in most Vandersteen's is either 600 or900Hz where the ear is most sensitive and most unhappy with tying to blend the sound from two different sounding amplifiers.  Many have tried tubes on top and solid state on the bottom but once the excitement of the solid state control of the bass and the sweetness of the highs is noted ones wife or fellow audiophile says that the system is not as coherent  nor images as well as before.  We hobbyist tend to hear what we think we did but friends, time and playing more music soon gets us back on track!


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