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New Listening Room

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Recently moved to a new home. Listening room located on 2nd floor. Room is 17.5Lx14Wx9. Still need to adjust bass EQ as everything is set to flat and Still playing around with speaker positioning. I am very happy with the sound so far. Much better than the large room at our previous home. Still assessing more room treatment.

Just got back my Aesthetix Io Eclipse phono stage with upgraded power supply transformers. Still breaking in but sounds fantastic so far.




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Awesome. Nothing like a dedicated listening space.  I am assuming that the speakers are on the wall that's 17.5'. Am curious to learn what's the optimal placement for the speakers in your room and where you end up putting room treatments to get the best sound. 

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3 hours ago, GdnrBob said:

Very nice system. Though I would recommend some window treatments. Not only for sound but for aesthetics.

Sorry, but I am a designer....


Yes…the back wall including the windows is on my to do list. Any ideas?


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I need to upload some pics, but in the meantime.

I would also add some shelves, and bookshelves to the walls on either side. Rather than adding acoustic panels, tchotchkes not only add some individualization as well as reflecting and diffusing sound waves. IMHO.

And, that is one serious looking turntable!


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