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System, 10-2023. Pre-treatment.

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Music has never sounded better despite minimal room treatment. Doing what I can to learn the basic acoustics principals since there's no shortage of conflicting info out there. However, the consensus seems to be that there can be transformative improvements from well designed room treatment so that's where I'm heading.LR1-2.thumb.jpg.2829e8e70d01fd82eba3c8609038248d.jpgSystem_10-2023.thumb.jpg.dc563ea232015bcd8ded08e2350aff1a.jpg

  • Basis Audio Debut Gold Standard Vacuum turntable
  • Graham Phantom B-44 tonearm
  • Ortofon Cadenza Bronze with VAS boron/microridge upgrade
  • Aesthetix Rhea Eclipse NOS 12AX7, 6922 phono stage
  • Jay's Audio CDT 2 Mk3 transport
  • PS Audio DSD  DAC Mk2
  • Theta Compli Universal Digital Player
  • ARC REF 6SE preamp
  • ARC REF 150SE amplifier
  • Shunyata Denali 6000s v2 power conditioner
  • Vandersteen MP5-HPB crossovers
  • Vandersteen 5A Carbon speakers
  • Audioquest William Tell Silver bi-wire speaker cables, various Audience, Cardas Clear Beyond and Audioquest interconnects and power cords.
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Thanks Bob! I appreciate the feedback. I have the TV on an articulating wall mount. The TV can be pulled out from the wall and turned toward the sofa and all I do is sit facing the TV. I searched the room for a better location but the TV wound up at the first reflection point of the right channel speaker. Not ideal but that's one of my room treatment challenges I think. I plan on covering the TV with a thick rug and placing a half round diffuser in the area of first reflection. I'm open for any recommendations in that regard.

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4 hours ago, A440 said:

I have the TV on an articulating wall mount.

Ahh, that makes sense. And, so does putting a rug or drapery over it.

I would try adding more wall hangings, shelves, and objects around the room/walls. Nothing beats lots of reflecting/diffusing materials- And, it looks nice, too.


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I always keep thinking i need to treat my room, but then I listen to rooms that are treated and they sound dead as they are over done.  I know there may be areas I need looking into, but I’d have to make sure it looked nice too as it’s a ‘Living’ room (the loft which is used by everyone).  I love reading about how you guys treat rooms and the pics are best for me.  Thanks for sharing.

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