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60th birthday present

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About 6 months ago, as a 60th birthday present to myself, I replaced my well loved Gallo Reference 3.1s with the SA subwoofer amp with used Quatro’s (original cloth) and couldn’t be happier. Everything else in the system remained except the speaker wire (replaced the single run or Shunyata Lyra with double shotgun DH Labs Q10 Signature purchased locally second hand).  And many thanks to Samir and John Rutan at Audio Connection for helping me convert those wires from bananas to spades to fit the Quatro’s barrier strips and the Cardas binding posts on my amp. 

I met RV at Audio Connection’s Vandersteen event a few weeks ago and he encouraged me to join the forum and post my system so here it is.  Other equipment is:

Intel i7 NUC running Roon

Pi2 Design Pi2AES streamer with 5v iFi PowerX power supply modification running RoPieee 

SMSL VMV D1se DAC using the I2S input (via Audioquest Cinnamon HDMI)

Bel Canto Pre6 preamp 

Vandersteen M5-HPB crossovers 

Theta Dreadnaught II with 5 225w amp modules (I only use 2)

all balanced cables are Mogami 2549 with Neutrik silver connectors

mostly unused since I found Roon during COVID are a Nakamichi CR-7A cassette deck and Esoteric DV-60 universal player  

and completely unused is an Audio Research VS110 amp and a SP16 preamp (I don’t have the single ended M5-HP crossovers)

Power cables on the amp, preamp and DAC are PS Audio Statement  

Most of my system beyond the digital front end and the balanced cables is 20ish years old and mostly purchased second hand but I still enjoy it daily!  


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