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Amplifier base for M5-HP mono blocks

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Greetings all,

I am curios about a statement on the manual for the M5-HP mono blocks.

In the manual, you can read the following:


"With the sprung isolation feet in place, locate the M5-HPA near the speakers directly on the floor without an amplifier base except for an optional piece of 1-inch granite if desired."

I'm curious about the reason for this statement. I believe that the M5-HP feet are made by HRS and are designed to eliminate component chassis noise. Could it be that using another product, such as a base, with the same objective, may be unnecessary and even detrimental to the sound?

What about using a wood base instead of granite? Also, would a thicker granite base, 2 inches or more, affect the sound?

I'm very happy with the sound of my M5-HP and my Quatros using granite bases, but I wonder about the manual's suggestion about using only this kind of base.

Any ideas or experiences using bases for the M5-HPs? Thanks for any enlightenment you can provide.


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If the M5-HPA is being used on carpet a granite or wood base should be used so the HRS feet can do their work.  It is important not to put anything under the base and let the weight compress the carpet between it and the subfloor.   A base 1 inch thick is plenty because the fibers in the carpet will damp whatever characteristic sound the base may have.  Hardwood or tile floors allow the HRS feet to do their work without a base.  RV

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I have some HRS E1X isolation bases that fit under the outline of the M5s perfectly. They built them with different weight feet specifically for the M5s. I hope I’m ok using them on hardwood?

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I didn’t notice a difference but I didn’t spend any time A/Bing them. My M5s are sitting pretty close to the side firing drivers on the Kentos so I thought further isolation from the floor would be helpful. Plus it makes it a bit easier to keep the hardwood dusted as the platforms sit up a little higher than the M5s. 


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