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Cowboy Junkies


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These are not new, obviously, but new vinyl additions for me. I’ve had both these on other formats, but never on vinyl. Gotta tell you, if you are the same, get these on vinyl; Especially The Trinity Session. The tonality, detail, and nuance of that recording on vinyl simply gobsmaked me. Incredible. Of course, recordings as this just seemed made for my 2CE Sigs as well. 

These are original releases in great shape. Throughly enjoyable, and great additions to by LP racks.







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Caution Horses can actually be picked-up for a pretty reasonable price vs The Trinity Sessions. The copy of Horses I received and played today is really in great shape, very quiet. Throughly enjoyable. Both.

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Steve, I actually picked it up used on Discogs.  It’s an original pressing. Listed in VG+ conditions (vinyl wise), and it was. I don’t always have good luck on Discogs as many sellers over-rate their used LP’s.  This one came better than expected.

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Yes bkeske, Discogs can be hit or miss.  I've been pretty fortunate; only a couple duds in the last five years.  

I just paid big money for a particular copy of Sticky Fingers, mastered and cut by Doug Sax at The Mastering Lab and pressed in Germany.  Like most (if not all) Stones records, the recording quality is not great, but this one is significantly better than my noisy, US version.  It too was listed VG+ and even stated that it plays nicely.  Some folks just grade visually; way too many variables there.  But still, there are a couple of loud pops on it.  I contacted the seller and he was very accommodating; offered a full refund if I wanted to return it or a 25% refund to keep it.

Since it is better sounding than my old copy, I'll accept his partial refund and send it out to Perfect Vinyl Forever for their new Archival 3 cleaning process. 

I'll check Discogs for The Caution Horses.

Play on

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Thanks Bkeske, I initially blew off this thread as I am a hard core Jazz head, had not heard of the Cowboy Junkies and figured it was not for me. I have not been led astray yet by anyone in this thread so I listened to The Trinity Session on Tidal. OMG I fell in love. I love this music. Thanks so much for sharing.

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On 5/28/2021 at 9:30 PM, TomicTime said:

Junkies - Pale Sun Crescent Moon.....great vinyl...great disc

Now, there's two Junkies albums I need to get!  Have been streaming both lately.  I find Trinity Sessions the most intimate, Caution Horses picks the tempo up a bit, and Pale Sun Crescent Moon is the most lively, with the most instruments.  A very nice illustration of the band's flexibility & style variations.  

So many records, so little time  :)

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