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Richard interview with the Philadelphia Area Audio Group

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That was great! Richard explained why 1) physical driver alignment and 2) pistonic driver behavior throughout the extended passband are both critical to time-and-phase aligned speakers, but I wish he would have gone into a bit more detail on why 1st order crossovers are the 3rd critical element of time-and-phase aligned speakers (other than they are just necessary). I get the sense there's a lot of confusion and misunderstanding out there about this aspect of  time-and-phase aligned speakers.


In short, it is mathematically impossible to sum the HBP of the midrange driver (for example) and the LBP of a tweeter and maintain a net 0 dB output delta (with respect to frequency response) AND a net 0-degree change of phase (outside their respective band passes) for higher crossover orders. One MUST use a 1st order crossover is this is a design goal. The late Roy Johnson wrote a really, really good white paper on this subject (with visuals) that made this easy to understand. I can't locate it on the interwebs for the life of me.

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On 6/13/2021 at 3:50 PM, bkeske said:

So sorry, I just assumed most that use YouTube follow the Vandersteen channel.

Try this:


If you click on the YouTube link it opens in YouTube and the the description has an index to go to the exact question you want to hear.  Have fun!


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