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These are my Quatro Wood CT's in Walnut.  They are upgrades from my Sig 3As that I had for 20yrs+  (Starting back when they were just 3's)  I originally got the 3s because they had the best full range / natural sound of anything else I was looking at in that price range.  Everything else in the late 90s sounded bright or had a sibilant quality.  I also loved how the main driver array was up at ear level.  Everything else had me looking down at the soundstage.  

The Quatros sound incredible.  I think this speaker will be recognized as a milestone in speaker design.  

Other Equipment.


Analog:  A Linn LP-12 that's too far off to the side to see. 

Digital:  The LG-V30  with the quad DAC and Hi-Res audio capability.  (Bluetooth and RCA wired)


An Emotiva PT-100.  This started as a interim purchase to replace my flaky Linn Majik until I could research a better choice, but it sounds so good it's been really hard to replace.  All the 5 star reviews seem to have been earned.


Twin Monoblock Mosfet Amps that I built, based on a Randy Slone topology.  They'll do ~250 watts/per with <.005% THD at 1khz.  Freq Response 3hz to 120khz.  The power devices were matched by Randy.  (RIP)  It was a fun project though.  They're about 15yrs old with some minor upgrades for soft starts and adjustable led brightness.


My speaker cables a mid grade bi-wire (Linn K400 I think) They're 30+ years old.  All the interconnects are Linn or Audio Quest.

Vandersteen Quatro.jpg

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Very nice Bill. Nice room.  As a 2CE Sig owner, the more I see the Treo and Quatro, the more I want to take a crowbar to the bank account.

I feel the same about the 2’s as you did the 3’s. The natural timbre and tone when I set up my first 1C’s (still have them), and I was hooked. The 2’s literally followed within a 2 month period of owning the 1C’s. It will be tough to think of purchasing anything other than Vandersteen in the future, regardless of what I may end up with…..next. But no hurry. Famous last words.

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Thanks guys.  I'll try to throw in a couple of pics of my amps.  The image below is where I got the design topology.  I built the amp shown in figure 6-21.  + power supply + soft start circuit + illuminated power switches.  Also thinking of adding 12V triggers, DC blocking circuit at the power supply and upgrading the rectifier bridge.

Randy was an electrical engineer and power circuit designer.  The book is a great read, even just to understand different amp designs and classes.  I consulted him frequently on my build.  


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