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Composition of black end caps on VSM-1 and V2W - worth considering?

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I have the opportunity to pick up a set of these speakers - if I can make the long trek to the seller. One issue for me is that they include black cloth and black end caps. I would have much preferred the cherry or oak caps. And while I'm willing to strip the black from the caps, I don't know what's under the black. If it's hardwood or veneer, I can probably clean it up. If it's just a slab of MDF,  as I suspect, that's another matter. (I also suspect procuring replacement caps in my preferred finish from Vandersteen wouldn't be cheap.) 


i confess, I've never heard either, but the VSM-1 could .theoretically give me some of that time coherence without dealing with critical placement and a small sweet spot. But I'm shooting blind as I have no opportunity to confirm how good they are. AudioReview has just a few (very positive) reviews, while the one review I found with test results shows a pretty bad frequency response - very rolled off in bass (tested anechoically, though these are intended for wall placement), but also a wide depression in mid-treble and a roll off in the high end. Nothing like it's rated specs, so don't know what to make of that. Thanks for any input.

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I have owned VSMs in the past and they are awesome in surround application with a V2w. I experimented them as fronts with a 2wq and the reviews you read are dead on. On their own they don’t serve the traditional bookshelf speaker application well(too large for what it can do) and placement is only on the wall. If you are using the V2w then you better have a good processor/receiver.. 


As far as end caps are concerned, keep us posted on what approach you take (especially after you haul it and then move it around for optimal placement)..Chances are you might abandon the thought of doing anything else with the sub 😃

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I concur with @TomicTime, I wish I had mentioned it earlier.

I own the non-CT VLR's and use them for my office system. When placed near the room corners, they have excellent bass response.

Though I will say when John Rutan demoed the William Tell Zero speaker cables, the VLR's were on stands far from room corners. In fact he had to disconnect the Sub 3, as he didn't have cables for that. When he played Yello's Oh, Yeah, the little VLR's sounded like they still had the sub connected. Ask @ctsooner, he was there with us.

It was one of the most amazing demos I have ever experienced. So amazing,  that I ended up replacing all my cables with AQ cables by Garth Powell.


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I'm all in on those VLR's.  It was a great demo by Johnny... Surprise, surprise, lol...ha.  

I know many want to buy or need to buy used.  You may be able to find a set on that market, but if you can splurge and go with a new pair of VLR's, you'd be very happy (again, if they fit your room and budget).  Keep us posted.

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