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Peter's system take 2

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  • 5A Carbons
  • M5-HPAs
  • Audioquest 5000 power conditioner for amps and subs
  • PS Audio P20 for constant current upstream sources
  • Audioquest William Tell Silver biwire speaker cables and Water interconnects, Hurricane power cord.
  • Audio Research Ref 6SE preamp
  • Pass Labs XP-27 phono preamp
  • PS Audio DirectStream DAC
  • DIY Roon Server
  • Bluesound Node Streamer (use for bluetoothing YouTube).
  • Heavily customized VPI Classic 4 turntable - Sota Eclipse upgrade, SME 312s tonearm, IsoAcoustics Gaia 2 feet
  • Soundsmith Sussurro cartridge.
  • Homemade diffusers and absorbers
  • Gik Acoustics Bass Traps
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Peter, it looks like you have a very satisfying system in a lovely room. I'm impressed by your diy licks and chops in making your good looking diffusers and absorbers. I've followed the paint by numbers instructions to install my Roon server on an Intel NUC but that's about it for me.

Have you always run your 5ACs with the M5s? Just curious what you might have used before the M5s.

Also, with your streaming setup, did your Direct Stream follow the Bluesound Node into the system? Or did you just add the node as a cheap and cheerful plug and play to add the youtube service? Again, just curious. I dipped my toe into the digital world, which was confusing to me at the time, with a Bluesound Vault a couple of years ago. I added a Chord Qutest dac a few months later for a significant sonic upgrade. And then built the Roon box to use as a controller. I prefer the Roon interface to the Bluesound, but, what I really like about the BluOS world is all the services it supports. I subscribe to Tidal, Qobuz, Idagio, Neil Young Archive, and to a small extent Nugs.net. If it also supported Wolfgang's Vault I'd be completely covered.

It looks like you spend time with your classical collection. My wife and I saw an outstanding Tannhauser at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion last night. (We're in Altadena, just a short drive from downtown LA.) We've got something with Yuja Wang on Thursday at the LA Phil. It's nice to be back in front of live music again.

Hope everyone has a terrific Sunday with our extra hour! Best, John

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@jkmcc I started streaming with the Bluesound Node and an external Bryston DAC to get a better A to D conversion, then upgraded to the PS Audio DAC to get DSD capability and better sound quality overall. I kept the Node for its Bluetooth capability 

@GdnrBob The thing sitting on my AQ 5000 is a wooden sculpture of my Dad’s that hides the wires behind it.

Edited by Peter C
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