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My Dedicated Room

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Hi. Longtime audiophile. New to this forum. 70 yo. Started with JBL's and Dynaco. Graduated to IMF Studio Monitors, then Rogers, Dahlquist, KEF, Acoustat, Thiel, Aerial. Mucho turntables/carts, preamps amps etc.  Took a sabatical into A/V for a while now finally have a dedicated room and what I believe to be a most revealing system. I love it. Never ceases to amaze me. Thanks to John Rutan for his guidance. Been living with the Treo Ct's now for about 3 years. See my profile page for pics. Looking forward to communicating with you all.

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Sorry for the delay but I couldn't figure out how to reply to comments.

My room treatments are from GIK Acoustics. Don't know if they are the best but the price was right and I liked the look. They offer assistance with panel choice and placement but I eventually changed things around based on info gleaned from other sources. Bottom line, I feel that I have a good sounding room all things considered except for room nodes that plague the low end. Most people have this problem, however, so I am living with it. If you'd like to talk more I'd be willing to have a phone conversation. Let me know. Thanks for your kind words.

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