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How does your holy grail room look like?

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I just had to share this one with you guys, rarely do I see something like it. Now all we have to do is show Hugh the light when it comes to speakers and let him audition Model Seven haha.

Someday I wish to find enough time and resources to build something in a similar direction, but I think I'll go the DIY route since I can't even imagine how much this professional build must've cost.



Please post pics or video links of what your favorite listening rooms look like.

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That is not a room I would find relaxing to listen to music in.

I would rather have a room with furniture, bookshelves, books, and lots of tchotchkes as they not only break up room reflection and add dispersion, but are nice to look at.

My 2 cents...


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Guys, Rick the dealer in Fort Collins  is a GREAT guy.  He owns a ranch house wiht huge basement.  His bedrooms are literally listening rooms for his gear.  He has some very large speakers shoved into the corner of the room with bed etc.. in teh room and the gear sounded better than you could ever imagine.  Point being, you can most often get even large speakers to work well in very small rooms.

I got to hear the System Nine at Rick's with the M7's and the top Audio Research or D'Agastino, I just can't remember which one.  It was all on a great turntable set up.  WOW. Just an amazing set up and it is a large/long living room that's open to the rest of the house.  He uses only albums bookcases that are strategically placed to break up and diffuse sound waves.  Looks very nice and man is that set up special.  

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It all depends on what you want guys. If you ever get a chance, just go and have listen in an environment that's been scientifically set up as a critical listening room. 

I myself am not going back to untreated listening rooms, at least not with speakers that go way down low like our large Steens do, since bass quality gets the most benefits.

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