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'New' mono blocks

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After the death of my beloved Belles 400A amp, I initially replaced it with a temp B&K 3030, but all that did was make me more anxious for a better replacement.

After much thought about a variety of amps, new and old, I decided to stay with Belles to better match my new Belles Aria Signature preamp. And, a couple weeks ago kept looking at these MB's for sale on US Audio Mart. Finally, after a nice discussion with the owner, then making a very reasonable offer, jumped on them the next day. He sent them out the same day. Great guy. Johnny R was really selling me on a couple new Belles amps, but for whatever reason, these kept tugging at me.

Belles Power Module MB-200. 200WPC, 64 amp peak current. They 'sound like home' to me. Very nice, I'm pleased thus far.


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23 minutes ago, Steve Edwards said:

I came real close to getting a pair of Aria's Mono Blocks, but wound up with an all-tube stereo amp.  Would love to hear the Belles sound in my system. 

Good for you Brian

Thanks Steve. Last evenings listening session was wonderful.

I really thought my next amp purchase may eventually  be the Aria mono blocks to go with my Aria Signature preamp, but Johnny R was pushing me towards one of the new Belles dual mono’s instead. I’m sure they are great as well…..but…as I said, these just ‘felt right’ to me in my gut (actually the same cost used the same as a new Belles Aria Signature dual mono).

The gentleman I bought them from has had most all David’s amps since Power Modules began, and said the MB series, to him, were the most ‘tube like’.  Well, that may have pushed me over the edge. 🙂


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