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In 1978, a buddy and I walked into a strip mall storefront in a Milwaukee suburb as they unboxed a pair of unassuming, unremarkable loudspeakers with an unlikely to remember name; and then they hooked them to some B&K electronics and a Linn. Headhunters. Cold out of the box I was ruined. My B&W DM 2’s sure didn’t make music like that. Unfortunately, no way I could afford those Vandersteen Model 2’s on a social worker’s salary. Fast forward 22 years and I finally land a used pair of 2 CE’s that were in house until ousted by Chapman Audio T-77’s (renovated to T-9 Reference in early 2020). 
I retired a couple years ago and began a mental wish list for a dream rig. I’d heard the original Quattros and latest Treos, thinking maybe stretching my budget in the used market some day. Then I got hit by a truck. Despite being the size of a circus bear, I was an avid cyclist riding 8 to 10,000 miles a year. Well the interest on the invested settlement broadened my dreamscape. Purchased a used pair of Model 7’s a month ago and then stared at them until my robust son and son-in-law could schlepp them downstairs to the listening room a couple days ago. Finally up and running this morning. Now the fun of positioning and tuning begins. My Magico friend is coming over Friday to lend hands and ears. In addition to the recently acquired Model 7’s, my system is:

SOTA Sapphire with Sumico arm and Ortophon Cadenza Blue

Mojo Audio Deja Vu server/streamer

Mojo Audio Illuminat PS (also powers DAC)

Resolution Audio Opus 21

Theta Miles

Exogal Comet DAC

Supratek Cortese LCR pre (Less than a month old, glorious)

Clayton Audio M-300 Mono’s

cabling is Huffman except Audioquest Wild for speakers


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1 hour ago, Wideload said:

Enjoy Holmz. Will look forward to your impressions 

I already know it will be great 😊 (and that is the advantage of confirmation bias.)
But I feel like I have been living under rock as I am just hearing about them recently.
Just seeing the unit in the photo I knew what it was.

Atma-sphere is another manufacturer that I would like to listen to.

We will do a bit of a holiday and wine tour in that area in about 2 months from now.


11 hours ago, Wideload said:

… Despite being the size of a circus bear…

I’ll bring someone that runs slower than me next time to go to ABQ. 🐻 

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Welcome and congrats.  Sorry to hear who you were able to get this systems, but way to make lemonade from lemons...

It looks great.  What a nice clean set up.  You'll enjoy reading the set up threads I'm sure.  So many free small tweaks to try.

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Thanks guys. Zeroing in on placement and working on toe-in. Then spikes and sub tuning. BTW, Mr Magico is also the attorney who wrangled the settlement. Brilliant strategist; unassuming, disarming presentation; lethal. They never saw him coming

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On 5/12/2022 at 10:38 PM, Wideload said:

Bought a laser pointer/measuring device and will rig a jig ala master set up primarily for tilt. I recall the difference just a thread or two turn made with my 2CE’s all those years ago. Thank you Richard

All Vandersteen Audio dealers that have the SEVEN series on demo have been trained by me and have the Laser Alignment Jig which some will rent.  The parallel laser trick we use on the TREO, QUATRO AND KENTO plus 8 inches won't work because the alignment line from the mid-range at different distances is not parallel with the top surface.  Tilt is extremally critical so you want to get it correct.  


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