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Though I just can't narrow it down to one, Manassas is definitely one of my stranded on an island record.  Not an audiophile recording, but the blend of instruments, the level of musicianship and the lyrics (though sometimes not easy to understand - hence, read along) make for me, a reference go to.  I picked up the Classic Records reissue from a few years back and it is tighter, more defined (particularly in the bass) and a quieter pressing than my original.  

A little footnote: Johnny's Garden is about an estate in England and the gardener who maintained the grounds.  Ringo Starr bought it from Peter Sellers and Stills bought it from Ringo. 

Great discovery Brian

Play on

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3 hours ago, Steve Edwards said:

It didn't receive the accolades that the debut did; but, IMHO, a fun listen as well, particularly Pensamiento

I like it Steve. Interesting how much Santana had become an influence as well.

Great to have both of these in the collection

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