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If you don't like Van Morrison you can skip this...

John Gallup

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...but if you do,  the Deluxe Edition of "Moondance," available on Tidal, lets you hear earlier takes of the well-known tracks, and how the process works. It's just wonderful for me, feels like being in the studio while they work their way to the beautifully crafted final version. 


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I guess there could be some folks not particularly fond of his music, but I’m not one of them.  Heck, I had a lady one time tell me she didn’t like Roy Orbison’s voice!  While I haven’t visited Moondance in a while, it will always be an enjoyable classic for me, conjuring up many fond memories. 

I did pull out His Band and Street Choir last week and was blown away by how much better it sounded sonically than I remember (due in no small part to Jim Davis’ previous Musical Reference RM9, now blissfully driving my Quatros).  Van da Man!

Play on John

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