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After you Take Five ............

Steve Edwards

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Take Ten.  For no particular reason, there's not been much jazz spinning in Studio V lately.  The sound of drums in rock / pop music from the MR RM-9 (that Jim Davis graciously made available to me) through the Quatros, has kept my feet tapping.  But the other night, the house was quiet, the chores were all done, and the Dewars was sliding down ever so nicely.  

I had only played this one a couple of times; so glad I revisited it.  This issue is on the Speakers Corner label, and it's a beauty.  In my advanced state of relaxation, I listened with my eyes closed most of the time.  Jim Hall's guitar and Paul's alto sax seemed generously spread left and right, respectively; with Gene Cherico's bass and Connie Cay's drums filling the center.  An intimate affair, most assuredly.  Highly recommended.

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