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Well that's it, the rack is maxed out.

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No more new equipment unless we move, I guess. Upgraded the Sutherland Engineering Little Loco phono pre to Sutherland TZ Direct, which is two boxes identical in appearance and size to the single box of the Loco. Just arrived yesterday so still burning in, but it shouldn't take too long since it's on all the time. The beauty of these preamps is that they work by transimpedance, which I don't exactly understand, but it means there are no DIP switches to set. There's also no on-off switch. You just hook it up and it works, although not with all carts. 

And that's a good thing, because when I opened the boxes I found a power cord, the two units and their permanently-attached connecting cables, and no owner's manual. I emailed Ron Sutherland and he apologized and explained that his graphic designer was unavailable to finish the document.


Top to bottom, if anyone's interested: 

  • Rega RP-3 with various upgrades including Lyra Etna cart
  • Rogue Audio RP-9 pre-amp
  • Sutherland TZ Direct phono pre-amp
  • Clock for dCS Bartók
  • dCS Bartók streaming DAC
  • TZ Direct power supply
  • Audioquest Niagara 3000 power conditioner

To the right you can see an Audioquest Firebird/Thunderbird speaker cable  connecting one of the M5-HPAs to one of the Quatros.

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